The Azolla Story [April, 2022]

The Azolla Story: A Message from the Future is, with its over 400 pages, the most comprehensive treatise on the water fern Azolla that has been published. The book includes a chapter on “Azolla for food and BMAA mitigation”, which elaborates on azolla’s potential as a food stuff and references “The Azolla Cooking and Cultivation Project“. The chapter also raises the question of whether symbiotic bacteria in azolla produces the neurotoxin BMAA, which is crucial to answer if azolla is to be safely eaten by people. 

“A MIRACLE PLANT WORSHIPPED IN THE EAST. A SUPERORGANISM WITH UNIQUE ABILITIES. This is the story of a wonder plant called azolla that can help us at this crucial time in our human journey. We face a Perfect Storm as our population grows by a billion people every twelve years, resulting in the threat of climate change and shortages of land, fresh water, food and energy. Azolla covered the warm Arctic Ocean forty-nine million years ago and drew down enormous amounts of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, moving the climate from a greenhouse state towards today’s icehouse world with its frozen poles. We are now changing the climate back to greenhouse in just a few decades due to our emission of carbon dioxide. Azolla can reduce that threat by converting the greenhouse gas into food, livestock feed, biofertilizer and biofuel anywhere in the world using a natural process – the perfect solution to a Perfect storm. Written by palaeontologist Dr Jonathan Bujak and his environmental scientist daughter, Alexandra, The Azolla Story takes you on an amazing journey through space and time, ending with a message written a hundred years from now in a world of incredible opportunities. The Azolla Story is available from Amazon as a paperback and an e-book with live internal and external web links.”

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