The Azolla Cooking and Cultivation Project at Duplex (2019)

[Azolla popcorn at Duplex 2019. Photo: Duplex]

During an exchange program with Slakthusateljéerna in Stockholm in the summer 2018 the Vancouver based artist collective Duplex and Duplex artist Gabi Dao, introduced the idea of using dried Azolla to spice up popcorn. An initial trial indicated that Azolla popcorn could be perfectly edible, even tasty. Within the exhibition “Dog Ear to The Left of the Centerfold” in 2019 the Azolla popcorn were further developed by Duplex and served in a ceramic bowl made by Duplex artist Maya Gauvin. The popcorn were served for the premier of a video showing Azolla floating on a water surface.

[Floating Fern, 2019. Video: Erik Sjödin]

Thanks to Duplex in Vancouver and Duplex artists Gabi Dao and Maya Gauvin.